Monday, May 7, 2007

Tough Day with a Peanut Allergy

Saturday Sophie was so excited to go to a friends birthday party , I spoke with the mom who is a teacher and very familiar with peanut allergies,she was to buy a cake from a "peanut free" shop and I checked all the food which all should have been just fine, finally a party where Sophie could eat cake, but when I picked her up her face around her mouth was red , I thought it was just food stain, but after a clean it was a reaction there were hives and the texture of her normally perfect complextion changed, she has come in to contact with nuts or peanuts,it was a very stubborn reaction compared to the others that resolved on their own very quickly, didn't go further than rash , we gave her a double dose of benadryl and it knocked her out , she slept for several hours, could be also that she was so excited to go to the party that she woke at 6:30am and even spend a half hour in the car waiting because she was so excited to go???

Her breathing was fine so we didn't go to the hospital, and after the clear of 6 hours and no respitory problems we had the all clear, or sigh of relief , but this morning I still see the after math , her face is blood shot and some exzema , which she doesn't get ,on her chin and arm , so it was for sure a real exposure, now I have call the mom and find out what it could have been , I didn't think to talk about the environment if they eat peanut butter in the house that can be enough to set off a negative response, I felt like crying the whole time, sad really for what could progress and for the fact that she will not be going to any more parties or playdates at others for quite a while , with every exposure it does get more grim, I should feel grateful some kids faces swell so much their eye lids flip inside out , but I feel fragile today not so grateful but still grateful.

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