Thursday, August 9, 2012

Linen closet , check that off the list

Isn't it funny how a little utilitarian spot can bring some of us such joy? I am so grateful for this linen closet , it is the first one I have had in the houses we have owned. No longer will I have to find spots to stash pillows, linens and other seldom used items. I finally have a spot for everything.
It took a lot of work to get to this point but I am happy to share it is mostly done.

We installed the pine flooring , I added the wainscoting trim, trimmed out the newel post , stained and painted the railing and spindles and wainscoting, hung a star fixture, stained the floors dark two coats , top coated the floors twice, removed the sliders , sold the sliders, trimmed out the opening for doors , hung doors( that's a little hard) and added dummy knobs, also added shoe moulding to the I said lots of work. But now I love it .
Just how I imagined it all in my head when it was being built. All the light creamy white and the darkest dark stain.
I may or may not trim out the opening , if I do it will have to be later , there are other pressing items on my list. I'm looking for some art for the wall where the round mirror is , haven't found anything right yet.
I went to pick up dummy knobs for the closet , but they were not any where to be found...after asking I was lead to the clearance section where these $24.99 dummies were marked down to $9.99 , that was $24.99 each , ridiculous right? don't you just love it when something you need is marked way down ?

Can I express how happy I am that we went with the pine flooring, well I love it so much.
I look forward to installing the rest of it , well I don't look forward to all the work involved but I do look forward to the end product.
Here is a little reminder of how this spot looked when we moved in....yuck right.
Not only did I complete the closet door install yesterday but we finally got our grass...what an exciting day here. Now I water and water but they are calling for rain for the next few days, I am very grateful for rain considering the mammoth task of watering all this sod , the one downside to having a corner lot I suppose.


CaseyinTO said...

Do you plan on putting furniture in that alcove? That is similar to my front hall, but I find large swinging doors get in the way and I am thinking of moving to sliding....thoughts??

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I'm glad you put the 'before' photo in as I had forgotten how plain it looked. Of course, it looks amazing now. I love the light, the dark floors, the dummy knobs, the new doors (so much better than sliders). Love it all.

Anna said...

Looks amazing.

Any chance you would do a tutorial on the door install or share links to references you used.

I need to tackle this project soon. I could really use some help.

Did you buy your doors pre-hung?


Jileen said...

wow, what a difference! It is coming along rather quickly. Looks lovely.

Keep On S'myelin! said...

Wow! The transformation is amazing. So much better! Great job :)

Just Beachy said...

Anna ,
I didn't use any resources , I just followed the instructions on the hinge pkg , I used a chisel to notch out the door for the hinges and installed one, then did the same with the second door and then lined them up. No tricks really, well I did hold them up with my flip flops while screwing the hinge to the door frame if that helps. lol

{hooked on hickory} said...

you are so flipping talented! everything looks so perfect!

ashley over @

Brandy~GreyLaneHome said...

Looks so amazing. It's such a huge change. I love your floors.

Audra said...

Gorgeous...ALL of it! You are such an inspiration as I slowly try to complete my son's room. Great job!

How2home said...

Love the stairs and the trimming you added to the wall. You guys have come a long way since you moved in! What are your next projects?