Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recipes, bath room finishing touches and tissue box love

 I have finally given into Pinterest , mostly for recipes , amazing recipes. We had a couple over for dinner a little while back and I used all Pinterest recipes, they all turned out delicious.
We are going away on what I am going to call our second honeymoon in a few months, and I need to get back down to my fighting weight. I've been working on it , very very hard , but I'm stuck ....I guess the older you get the more that is fighting against you ? Oh well I won't give up because if I am going to have to spend a week in a bathing suit I need to be in the best shape I can get into. Moving and reno'ing this house has side tracked my weight loss efforts that is sad but true.
I am back on track and I am been enjoying healthy meals , shakes , workouts and counting calories, I really need to learn how to maintain  my weight losses, I hate starting over, thankfully I didn't gain all my loss back, but 18 lbs creeped back, darn it.
I saw this recipe and had to try it , I love avocados , Amazing! It's a baked avocado with lime juice salt pepper hot sauce , Franks, and grated parm, bake for 5 min at 400 then broil till brown. You can check out my Pinterest here
 The stair project is slowly moving forward.
 I officially finished painting the spindles , I dragged that out for way too long. Then yesterday I added the proper trim to the upstairs post. It makes such a big difference.
 I also completed the bathtub tiling and grouting, I hate grouting, it's messy and awful.Glad that's done and I love it . A little bit of wall touch ups still to do.

 I need to make time to enjoy the tub now.It looks pretty now and it makes me happy just to look at it .
Remember how it started ?

 I am going to confess I hate tissue boxes , they are ugly, I think they are so ugly I rarely but tissue , silly right? But I have found a perfect solution I found a pretty tissue box , I loved them so much I bought 4. I found them at Urban Barn. They were on clearance marked down to $6.99, I don't mind at all having this type of tissue box around. No more shortage of tissue in this house. I buy tissue and remove it from the box and place the tissue's right into the wicker box.
Much much better looking that the tissue boxes I've seen.

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