Thursday, August 16, 2012

trying something new

 Surprise we chose wood. We toyed and toyed with the idea of brick , but I just couldn't commit. I was bothered by the cost , it wasn't as affordable as I had first thought and how would it clean and most of all how would it feel. This being the main through way to the main floor you must go through the entrance, and I am a barefoot girl , I worried it wouldn't be nice to walk on. So I tried my darnedest to find a tile I could afford and one that I would love . Here is the thing I realized , I don't love tile floors. We decided to choose an often selected flooring choice for our entrance...wood.
It is not often used here where we have winter but we are willing to give it a go. Lot's of protective coats. I will use a big rug , in fact our rug is larger than our old entrance all together. We said it's worth a try , and if in 5 years it looks awful than maybe by then we will find a tile that I love and we can always change it out.Who knows maybe it will be something we keep for the long haul.

If we were going to have more wood , which I love the look of , than it should have some interest  a design.
I played around a bit and decided on this pattern. I don't want to waste the time and effort to lay an elaborate pattern under the rug so I placed the pattern front and center , it was a bunch of work and I am so glad it is behind me . Tomorrow moving on to the "easy" part, lol.

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