Wednesday, August 29, 2012

one more night on the couch

I love sunny mornings , especially now that we have a nice lush lawn. Looks like mowing the lawn is on the to-do list for today. One good thing about having to wait until the end of summer to get our sod was that all the lawn mowers are on clearance. We had to get a gas mower since our lot is not one you want to mow with a giant extension cord, did it once and only once. I don't want to see our water bill after all the watering that I have had to do .

 Our poor Moe is reacting terribly to the ragweed that is in full bloom, we give him pills to alleviate his symptoms ( itching and scratching to rawness) which keeps me home due to the fact that the pills make him pee often and a lot....this made for an interesting party last weekend, we really need to pay more attention to him because several times he just couldn't hold it any more , it was not his fault though.
I have to wait until everyone is tucked in bed to apply the stain to the floors I have been working on. The other night this left me sleeping on the more night and that should do it.

 The area closest to the front door needs one more coat of stain then onto to top coats a plenty. Looking forward to having these floors completed , then I can move on to other pressing issue.
 Another project in the works is the laundry room. I want it to look like a chic room , not a utilitarian room. I want to play with a little color here , why not make the laundry pretty and fun? I will be painting all the trim grey and maybe above the trim coral. Did you know it is hard to find the right coral without it going too orange...I don't want orange.
 Do you know of a lovely coral paint color?
Well we have one kid off to school as of this week ...I can not believe I have a kid in high school it feels like I was just in high school !

I couldn't seem to convince Mason to let me take a first day of school photo for this first day of high school, especially since our house in in a very visible spot , could have been really embarrassing , I remember what it was like to be a kid.
This is the photo I was able to get Mason walking with a friend and Sophie watching them go.
Indulge me for just a moment while I remember how small my kids were when I started this blog way back in 2007, oh my how time flies. Sophie goes back to school on Tuesday . I am having a hard time with these early mornings 6:30 is just so early.
Let's enjoy a little look back.

 Kindergarten graduation day , oh I was blonde back then too ...
 Time is a cruel mistress...I loved having little ones, I miss that so much.
 Back to school photos were still fun...
Time flies , I'm going to try to savour all the time we have.

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