Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The laundry gets a little love.

 I would love to work on removing the basic laundry tub and adding a butcher block counter across the sink area and right over the washer and dryer but its not the right time. I wanted to add more hanging to the wall , so I figured adding panelling with a big chair moulding trim would create a great spot for loads of hooks. For hanging more air dry items and hanging up utility items. I used the excess baseboard trim from our house , why not , for the panel frames I used door stop so it only cost $35.00, I love a bargain.

I think I know exactly how to paint this room now....I can't wait to see it all done. I need to sew and hang a curtain ( I think doors on this closet will just get in the way) over the closet and for sure a new rug. Then phase three will be counter and sink.
Another project on the table is finally the entrance. Bye bye subfloor.

But one little thing was bothering me , the placement of the register. It was in the way of a generous and useful sized rug. I asked if it could be moved , and this morning it was , thankfully it was perfectly positioned within the joists so it wasn't a difficult move. I love my Tribute builder. 
The plan is to get this entry completed this weekend . So looking forward to having 0% sub floor...

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