Friday, February 3, 2012

Retail , oh no I don't want to pay retail

 I have been working on the flooring for our new house.I thought I would document a couple of detail photos of the process. I tried walnut water based stain I had used before around the house but it didn't give me the depth of color we were looking for . I went out and picked up some rich deep brown stains , one exspresso, yes it was spelled that way , and kona . Kona was an immediate home run. It was rich and deep , the top photo is how one generous coat looked and below two coats. I usually use latex as I just simply hate working with oil ever, but in stain I am a convert. There are no lap lines , it goes on flawlessly and soaks in superbly. I used Varathane that I purchased at Home Depot.
 Onto the issue of retail, well I hate to pay retail I really get a charge out of getting a deal. I am not the type to go out looking for anything and to make a purchase on the first trip out.I am a comparison shopper with everything but groceries. I often will go back and revisit a particular item several times before going ahead with a purchase. Waste of time? I think not . Having patience with my range saved me $1500...good things come to those who wait!!! I will wait for a sale .
Well lighting is very important to me , one of the most important decor items in a house. I have been visiting a local lighting store over the past few months deciding what kind of lighting I want for the new house.
We really only have a couple of local lighting stores here beside the big box stores. One store that I will not mention I visited twice , but after being ignored and brushed off by the sales girls ( both visits) who were too busy talking to each other I decided I would not buy anything there on principal alone, even though they had a good selection and good pricing.
 I went back to the highest rated lighting store just down the road. Todd and I had seen this light and we both really liked it . The scale , its big 14"x19" and the quality , its nice . We really liked the antique brass finish . It was originally $129.00 I believe then it was on sale for a little while for $99.00, I nearly bought it as a Christmas gift for my hubby but it wasn't in stock. So when I went in yesterday to see if there was anything new and to see what was on sale it was marked down to $49.00. Well that made my decision very very easy , I'll take two for my husbands office and one for the laundry room. That pricing is boob light pricing.

It is beautiful . Pardon the awful harsh glow of my kitchen pendants please. This new light is twice the size of my current pendants which are great . I got these kitchen pendants in the back ground at Home depot years ago for $59.00 in the dark bronze, they come with varying lengths of extensions so they can work in many places, just in case you are looking for school house pendants.
Here is a close up of the new brass fixture , pretty right? I'm so thrilled with them and I can't wait to see them installed in 27 days. here is a link.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

They are going to look great! It is always nice when that something that you wanted is found at a lower price than expected!

Karena said...

Great job on finding just what you want at the right price!! Beautiful fixtures!

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