Monday, January 30, 2012

Powder room

 I have nearly gathered all the fixings for our new main floor powder room. I have decided to try this lovely shade called Punch by Martha Stewart paints , my husband isn't too sure about it but I am willing to give it a try , he doesn't see my vision. This is a windowless room and I thought this would be a fun spot to try a "punch" of It's just paint , if its not nice guess who will re-paint it, me!
I came across this very rustic over sized peg board at Winners yesterday . I went in to look for toilet paper holders and or towel hooks and I won for sure this day. I love the toilet paper holder in brushed nickle finish for only $5.00 on clearance. I will eventually get a brushed nickle faucet .

 We have already decided on the galvanized lantern fixture for the lighting for the powder room $30.00 at Lowe's , I love this light. We really like this vanity by Martha Stewart , available at Home Depot, it looks green in the picture but it is actually more of a soft grey . Its great , nice storage for a powder room, it comes with the simple white sink. I will paint the trim to match the vanity , it looks great with the punch paint chip.We are going for rustic and polished ...still haven't decided on the floor I am actually considering carrying the wood floor into this room .
Speaking of flooring , I went out to a country mill on Friday to source out the pine flooring we are installing in the new house. I spent the weekend trying out stain options. It took a few tries but I settled on this stain , it is an oil stain in a color called Kona , it is just what we like , deep rich and chocolaty. I am a complete convert to oil stain , it goes on so well and doesn't leave lap marks and it really soaks in too. This is after two coats , so excited. We will have to wait two weeks for the wood to acclimatize so we will be living in limbo for a lot longer than I had originally hoped. Fun!!!
Here's proof positive it was the country. I parked and immediately this little kitty jumped right onto the hood of my car , it gave me a good laugh, I guess he was checking me out.

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