Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just around the corner

 I'm happy to report that the house is coming along very well. The porch railings are up , don't want anyone tumbling off the porch now do we. I am looking forward to adding personal touches , having plants and all that loveliness , spring feels like it here but it is actually just around the corner. It is time for civic numbers to be installed. Isn't it funny how these little details can be the hardest to make. Thankfully I was included in the decision , it took three of us to decide on just the right location and spacing .
 We all agreed it was best to install the numbers above the door , I bought these simple slate numbers at Home Depot I like them much better than the basic brass numbers normally installed. What color would you paint the front door??? the builder will paint it navy as soon as the weather warms up enough to paint . But we aren't keen on the navy. No blue's.
The sinks are all installed, all the mirrors are in too . I don't know I think they could have gone a little bigger on this mirror? Can you say JUMBO. I will add trim around it for sure and I think a detail in between the two sinks also. I will be painting this room a soft greeny blue similar to the color of the shower glass. Accents of black , like the candle holders around the tub area. I'm so excited about all the storage, we can really grow into this house and spread out .

Its been a long wait , they poured the foundation back in the summer and have taken their time building this house just right. I think they should offer this house as a plan house , it would be a big seller (FYI this house is a one off from what I understand, it was designed to fit on this unusual 50 ft corner lot ) I think it is a no brainer. It feels so homey it seems to be laid out just right. We bought it in September , sold the house in November and have been some what patiently waiting for leap day to finally come.
 I bet the new home owners are anxiously waiting to get in here too.I hope they enjoy all the treasures this home offers them. I wonder if they will use the bunkie as a bunkie , oh I don't want to know!!
Soon we will all be settling in and making our houses our homes. I wonder if they are reading my blog at all, I gave them a magazine so I guess they know about my blog ??  " Hi " if they are reading " we're almost there " !!!
I think it has just sunk in that we are really going to be living in this new house , dreams do come true people.

Life is good.

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