Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Septmeber

Lets start with some very exciting news , my husbands new show is finally coming to TV near you , well in Canada so far , Sidekick has been a series my husband created when Sophie was just a wee baby she is now 9 and it has made its long journey to air , this Friday on YTV there will be a sneak peek at 4:20 , don't forget to watch and tell you kid's .
Here are some skate decks my husband designed signed by Sid and Marty Krofft, who remembers HR Puff n Stuff ? , I barely do , too young I suppose ...! these will be available in the etsy shop soon , I have to figure out how to put something on my blog about it!
Things are looking pretty full for September , school will be starting next Tuesday , YAY!!! although this has been a good summer with great weather it has also been a long summer , the kids need to get back to reality and school.

I have a full schedule of work coming ahead , "work" for me means a lot of different things , like my design business , which is going well right now , I have some good bookings, a entry/mudroom renovation, the beautiful trim above is my inspiration for that job , isn't it so nice? Few live consultations , which I love , a custom bench to build , which I am totally looking forward to getting started . Then there is my cake and cupcake making gig I have a few great bookings for that , which I am looking forward to , as well I am hoping to get the job of doing the school treat day cupcakes , that would be wonderful for me.

And now I add owls , I have decided to open an Etsy shop , first to sell my husbands toys , toys he had custom made for 3 years in China ,toys he was making to go along with a show he created about monsters. I have named our shop "Kauf Incorporated" , I wanted to only keep one shop and I wanted to offer his items and possibly mine too , so I have listed a couple of Owls I am making , and his cool toys and temporary tattoos , there will also be some of his original art HR Puff n Stuff ,even some skate decks with my husbands original art , cool stuff . Here is my newest owl , this is my large owl , about 10 inches tall . $12.00

and my sleepy baby owl 7 inches tall. $10.00

More stuff to come soon , when time permits of course .... then there is October which is booking up already as well , my little Sophie is booked for her tonsillectomy Oct 14th that should be fun...


Samantha2818 said...

Well done to your husband. I remember HR Puffnstuff really well (I think Jack Wilde was British) and loved that programme. Witchy poo was the best! Hardly anyone I know remembers it and I've seen it in a box set DVD but it was £50 so I'll buy it when it comes down in price a bit. I want my kids to see it!
Love your owls.

Sue said...

Wow! Good for you!

Best of luck in all your ventures!


Screaming Meme said...

You are amazing talented! I love your blog and your style...:)Guess what? I am writing an Ebook! I am so super excited about this! Hugs, Meme

Lisa said...

How exciting for both of you! I remember HR Puffnstuff very well. I suppose that ages me! I'm in Canada, I'll put a little note aside for myself to remember to tune in on Friday!
Congrats to you both.

designlove-cynthia said...

That is so exciting Chris! My daughter Zoe, really likes his skate decks....Also we will be watching for the show!

Good luck to you both! Very talented peeps!


Taylor-Ann said...

Happy September to you too. Great news about your husband and yourself. The owls are super cute and priced well. Can't wait to see some of your other crafts on your Etsy shop.

MissAmandaGinger said...

A big congrats to the hubby!

I read your blog everyday and am usually silent but I thought I would send you a link to the cutest egg cups that i thought you would love! I am not sure where I should send this so I thought a comment would be best!

you can go to the website your self at, click shop, click new items and they come up! they are called the Russian tsar egg cups! I will provide the link to see them if you can't find it that way. They are a gorgeous egg glass green colour that i think you will just love!

I know I am putting an order in!!

Keep up the great posts

e.m. said...

Wow! Congrats all around!! My son loves Total Drama Island!!! I remember (and loved) HR Puffnstuff ha! And Sigmund the Sea Monster! I even remember the I am sounding really old!! Good Luck!!