Monday, September 27, 2010

Have I ever shown you this view of my upper hall, I don't think so but this is the view from Mason's room.
My plan is to paint these white doors black , I don't know why I am hesitating...

I pulled out my old kitchen patio door drapes , I washed them in the washing machine , even though they are dry clean only , in cold water and I hung them to dry , they shrunk a foot... but I needed to add a panel anyway just to cover some damage at the bottom and I like an interesting drape any way .

Have you met Mason , my spirited child , oh they both are very interesting girls , very feisty , like their mom for sure , yesterday we picked up some costumes for Halloween, Mason is an 80's diva and Sophie will be a witch , with lots of pink and a little ballet detail thrown in , its pretty cute , I took a cheap Walmart costume and altered it a little to fit much better .

Sophie and I re-vamped a large memo board for Mason's room , I up cycled some fabric formerly used on my settee cushion cover , the ribbon is black velvet , nearly free make-over

Here is the new seating I added , isn't it nice , I love it too , it has storage , love her cute pink phone I can find her any where , ha ha ha ! she thought it was for her .....

As you can see I will have some painting to do , gotta get those drawers all painted black.

Another busy week ahead , so much to do ...

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