Friday, September 24, 2010

Good news

I am working on an all black and white wall ,it will have decorative accessories , mirrors , art and photographs , the wall behind will also be black chalkboard paint , why don't they sell that in larger cans and why is it so expensive , I don't have time to make it ....I wish I could have found a second candle holder it is so stunning. There is a lot of spray painting going on , the stop sign , the ruffled plates , so easy to take what we have and make it work ...

And great news Mason likes the ruffled duvet, it was from Homesense, she wanted bold black and white chevron but I thought it would be hard to clean , dry cleaning is suggested for deep black to maintain its color , she sleeps with one of our dogs , they make a mess, so a soft duvet cover works much better for frequent cleaning , and I think the chevron fabric will look lovely and bold as drapes and I won't have to worry about them getting dirty , can't wait to get that in the mail. I will make a long pillow out of a bold fabric in black and white.
I think this duvet was the perfect choice, not to do some more spray painting , going to try and do the drawers of her dresser today , then to rip out the trim around her window and rebuild in the upgraded style , lots more mill work and painting, spray painting the curtain rod too , I better go stock up .

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