Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flower power

I just had to show you how my baskets and window box have come a long long way since they were planted back at the end of May.Above is how they look today , all lush and full and below oh so long ago.
And here day 1 , sad and piddly , but I had faith that time and miracle grow would work wonders .

Much nicer today than the first day I planted them wouldn't you say .

Oh late spring , such sad little babies but now full grown and lush.

We are nearly finished the front pathway , we have made it all the way to the sidewalk and over to the driveway as well , now we just need to find a free weekend to finish off the few remaining pieces to fill in the path and to create a nice generous walkway, then I will try the moss growth encourager method of applying yogurt and moss .

This has been one of the most consistently hot summer ever , it feels more like Florida here than Ontario these days.
Happy gardening.


katevp-a said...

agreed about the heat! we the humidity but no ocean!?! outrageous!!

judi said...

your flowers are so lush & beautiful!

it's been so hot and humid in ny that my hanging plants look pitiful or are dead. anyhoo....there's always next year.

love the walkway!

judi ;)

designlove-cynthia said...


I'm jealous your flowers look so good! yesterday, I took my down and threw them in a big pile of dirt.See it's demise all started when I had to work a few 12 hr days in a row, during sweltering heat and my hubby, was suppose to water them! He argues this fact, but it's true!
Also, Yes, Zoe has already told me she wants to go to, she knows this, I haven't a clue! She publishes her stuff on Fanart Central. She loves what your hubby does....very cool!
Thanks for the advice!

Lolo said...

Gorgeous! If we only knew how everything would fill in and be so beautiful, everyone would plant, huh? Its the patience thats the hardest part - LOL

btw- love your flags added in...too cute :)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Your flowers all look so lush. Amazing what a difference a few months will make. Your pathway is looking good.

~ Tracy

Donna said...

Mrs. Green Thumb, your flowers just look wonderful!! Love the hanging baskets and window boxes...gorgeous!! The walkway looks so nice too!!

NicNacManiac said...

Your flowers are breathtaking...the greenhouse feeling of the weather has really made everything bloom so beautifully! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Vintage Home said...

...wonderful ...I love creeping jenny!

HRH Sarah said...

I adore your new front walk, and your lush, happy plants!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

the walkway is looking fabulous

Maxine said...

Love that walkway!!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Great job with the walkway! I have something very similar in my front yard. We have moss growing between the rocks too. The only problem is that weeds also love to grow there (even with the moss there) and we can't use weed killer because it would kill the moss, so we have to hand pick the weeds, which becomes a chore all summer long.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

That pathway is really looking good and of course those lush boxes and baskets are gorgeous.