Monday, May 17, 2010

Lightening up for warmer weather

While cleaning my youngest daughters room today I decided to lighten things up by removing the medium pink drapes leaving the windows just dressed with white bamboo blinds , I may pick up some crisp white cotton drapes , probably from Ikea , the tab top ones for $19.00 a pair , I will cut OFF the tabs , I don't like tab tops personally, they are just not my thing!
I like the paired down simple look , I can always store that rod.

I pulled out the Hawaiian themed PB kids duvet cover for the bed and some crisp rose bud sheets and pillows.

I love this room , it is so cheery and bright , I love the blue and soft pinks, I think I may take down the Wall Candy for a while , that is the nice thing about wall stickers , change your mind = easy fix.
So that's how I paired back for warmer weather , lightening things up by taking down the drapes and changing the duvet cover and sheets.


Cathy said...

Oh...I love it so! Don't you just love little girl rooms! I still love bing in my daughter's room...she's's so pink and fanciful!

I think you should leave the wall's gorgous...just putting my two cents in;)!

I visiting here!


Jessica said...

I love it!

Loui said...

easy and breezy..
never had a frilly girly room..
not for myself nor for a daughter..
Just an all boy room from day one..
now.. it's the guest room..
and he still likes it just fine!
warmest hugs..

Queen B. said...

sooooo perfecto !


What a cute room

Angela said...

This is exactly what I am planning on doing in the next three days while my daughter has gone on a camping trip with school...clean her room. lol.

Loved what you did with your daughters. It looks just beautiful

MemeAmour said...

Hey, just thought I would offer some advice; Target has white panels 2 for (I think) $17.99 and they don't have the tabs!

Cottage Gal said...

Oh, what a sweet girlie girl's room! I am gathering ideas for my 19 month old's "big girl" room, and you've given me some good ones.

I would keep the eye (I mean wall) candy - it's too fun. There may come a day when your daughter won't want it (gasp!) Thanks for sharing!

Seizing My Day said...

My "little girl" will turn 10 in Sept... and I am begging her to let me redo her room.. with her.. together! I have that itch! =) maybe if I started printing fun girls rooms?! love the bird cages painted on her wall!! =)

Amanda said...

I'm not usually a big fancy of pink, but you really make it work here with lots of other interesting patterns, and then great blue bed.

Angela Furlong said...

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE that bedroom! It is heaven... x

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

very nice! i do like the stickers & don't think I would take them down, unless of course you have another idea!!

Cornflake said...

I love this bedroom too, lucky daughter! :-) x

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Love the summer look.

I hate tab curtains too. People never hang them correctly and you see all kinds of spaces between the tabs ... the worst being if they are hung too low and you see thru the window .... ick!

The Peach.... said...

Where did you get that gorgeous canopy that hangs above her bed???