Tuesday, August 22, 2017

our house love makeover with Metrie...nearing the finish line

We have been slowly but surly bringing in the fresh bright white....
If you have been a long time reader of this blog you will know I am a huge lover of trim...I have used trim in the last two of our houses to create a home full of character and interest...to get away from that plain builder basic home feel...in our new home it came with 140 years worth of charm...the renovations that were done prior to us improved things greatly but there was the last 20% or so to do
 to get this home to the finish line and to meet our standards and style...the floors are stripped original pine and all the original pine wainscoting was all stained a similar tone of honey pine...which is not our favourite at all...we got the go ahead to paint the wainscoting and trim throughout as our home, our home is heritage and protected by several by-laws...
I was fortunate to partner with Metrie to upgrade and and complete the trim makeover for our home...
this was a new experience for me, adding to an old home with existing trim work...how would it all blend, my goal was that it would be seamless and it truly is. Metrie has lots of great resources on their website to help you choose the look that suits you and your home.

So much orange...we were happy to lighten and brighten things up...having so much wood makes none of it stand out...after painting the white on the trim the floors became more of a feature.
We felt that the brand new pine flat stock that was used as the baseboards here was very under scaled and was not what would have been installed in 1877...this flat stock was all re purposed.

We added this applied moulding just under the chair rail, there would have been a piece there at some point but was missing when we got here, I think this piece looks like it was always here. It is the french curves scene II poplar panel moulding.

It has been an incredible transformation...I can't wait to do a complete after post once we get our new windows...so excited. An exciting and unexpected side effect of adding the trim and painting it all out white was that it made the floors look so much better, we were going to sand and white wash them but for now I am going to leave them sand them to smooth them out a bit more as they are rough and clear coat them...I think all the white and all the grey toned wood furniture I have added makes the flooring work just fine...lots of beautiful character it just needs a little fine tuning. 

As you can see here there were a lot of areas of concern with the wainscoting...gouges, burns and odd markings...non of which we loved or liked...I started this makeover by priming all the wood then caulking all the grooves...all those grooves...the we primed, sanded and painted the baseboards and I installed the painted baseboards...

We have a lot of uneven walls and floors as happens in a building of 140 years...I opted for the simplest option of notching out the baseboards which ended up being a nice clean option. 

as soon as I saw this profile this French curves scene II baseboard 7 1/4" I knew it would compliment our original wood work perfectly, Metrie has a great selection of classic to modern contemporary trim options in a range of materials, we chose poplar because it is a great wood to paint. I primed the trim with zinsser primer and then two coats of a melamine paint...I went with simply white.

My hubby chipped in to help with a lot of the painting because I hurt my wrist and arm...

The power of great trim and the right colors is truly amazing don't you think?
thank you Metrie.

        Disclaimer, I was supplied with trim courtesy of Metrie, this is an ad but my opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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