Monday, August 7, 2017

DIY home love updates...

We are just about finished with the entry makeover...the tile is in and grouted now...and it looks amazing....I moved my fave wool rug into the entry for a lovely pop of color and because it got replaced by a bigger jute rug in our bedroom, I love moving things around.

 I don't think that I have ever shown the entire front of our house...because we had a huge satellite dish mounted on the front just below the right window...I mean it was huge, not 80's satellite huge but way bigger than the average TV satellite dish and it was an eye sore...moving to the country one thing you might not think of is Internet service...we had to find a provider but not our usual providers because they are insanely expensive out rural Internet is all you have to choose from...who knew...not us...and during researching they all sounded say that people hate rural Internet is an under statement, but we now have a tower...I have always hated those towers on houses but here it is just fine because we now have good Internet and no satellite dish on our front elevation...and that means all is well.
 I wanted to rustic trunk basket for under my DIY corbel table because I want to eek out every bit of storage I can...small houses need all the storage they can get. I put out the word on instagram that I was looking for such a basket and within one day a lovely long time follower found one in her travels and let me know... as soon as I could I went out and picked it up...I added wheels easily with a few screws drilled right into the thick wicker...which was super easy.
I hurt my wrist quite badly last Monday while turning over a 6' round table top (with help)and it became very obvious I needed to let it I have time for that? I don't, I am behind on my table builds and an injury setback is not what I needed at all...
My husband who usually stays out of my way for painting and mill work has stepped up in a big way and has spent the whole weekend getting the final coats of white completed on the trim...I am so is really hard for me to sit around though...but it did give me the time to really plan out and design our family room in our basement...

 Look how gorgeous this baseboard is looking with our painted needs one more coat here but this is the home stretch...
 We decided it would be easiest to prime, sand then paint the baseboard before installing....this guy is getting his hands dirty left and right these days since moving to the country...this Metrie moulding has been a dream to paint, one coat of primer a light sand to knock down the raised grain and two coats of Para Melamine paint in Simply white...that is unheard of...only two coats...the wainscoting needed primer plus 4 coats....yikes.
I started really thinking about some of the complaints I have been hearing about of our family room...well there is no TV yet... so what kind of family room is it without a TV...? a crappy I started shopping for consoles and found a few I loved at the Wicker Emporium...the styles were beautiful and edgy and unique. I had planned to build a console but to be honest I have about 0% time to build anything for myself in the near future and this room has become a priority...and it is a nice thing to be able to purchase a piece like normal people do...
I wanted something in metal and a bit industrial but some what with a touch of feminine too, the console above fit the bill and was $2499.99 on sale for $699.99 and my husband liked it and so did I so I went for it...then I decided on a that fit the console properly good quality and a good brand but last years model to get a great deal and I even splurged on a Bose sound bar for my brother used to sell TVs part time and he said to not get audio equipment from a TV manufacturer but to stick with a audio company. 
 I am excited to get it all put together ...then the rug , well although it is so unlike anything I have I thought it would be fun addition and it was also $1996 down to $499 for a 9' by 12' that incredible...I say most of it will be covered but it will be a great jumping off point for a fun welcoming stylish family room...I am normally drawn to jute natural rugs but I had a request for something warm....our basement is super cold year round so a comfy rug was a must which made a jute rug out...I look forward to finding new fun accessories, pillows and throws...oh and how could I forget I ordered the sweet adjustable arm plug in lamps to accent the wall...what a steal at $139 for two...from Lamps

The sofa Ikea Ektorp, the console Wicker Emporium, the lamps, the rug, pillows H&M home, and the basket formerly Ikea...but discontinued.

Here it is today...nothing is wrong...actually I moved those mirrors on the wall for a big round mirror...but mostly this is how it is...the rug was way too small...and is being relocated to our bedroom...gotta warm up those tile floors...we are also moving the seating arrangement and flopping it to fit the chairs to one side...the ceiling will be paited a deep blue and faux beams will be installed on the ceiling where the ceiling is higher around the side.
this stripe was my second choice...but I'm going for bold...the safe options felt really drab to me.

here is a little sketch I did of the TV wall for the basement...we have a window above where the TV will go centered on the wall so I am going to build double barn doors to block it...because you don't want a hole of light shining in your eyes when you are trying to watch a movie...

I'm just going to spend the bucks to get this room off the list, well at least for the most part...the bar re-do will wait...because we really could use a secondary entertaining room especially for the in the country can be isolating for a teenager and having a welcoming place to invite friends is a must.

disclaimer...metrie has provided me with the trim... the opinions are my own.
                             nothing else in this post is sponsored and contains no affiliate links

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