Monday, April 6, 2015

bathroom update

 The weather let up a little last week and I was able to tackle some of the trim for Sophie's bathroom. There is no better way to see how off square your walls are than to just add mouldings.
 Don't worry because I removed that piece of wood from the post bugged me all mistakes will do...that's how you know they are mistakes.
 I thought about taking out the laminate counter but I think it is OK to keep it... I can't justify a stone top so I would have to make a custom wood counter and I'm just not sure how that would stand up in here. I think a wood top with an under mount sink would look beautiful but it's an expense I didn't really consider so I am not sure it is needed.
But if it is to be done it will have to be done before the tile is started...
 I headed off to the lumber yard and picked up 100 ft of cove moulding and spent a few hrs one day last week adding that simple finishing touch. It is all waiting to be sanded then primed....
I spent about 1 hour quietly and alone, I love some alone time....wandering Lowes picking out touches and considering my options. I'm thinking of this pretty Delta faucet...I am not a fan of the builder basic ones although they are good quality they need a little more style for me.

 I picked up the strip make-up lighting, 2 big boxes of subway tile 200-3x6" traditional of course a new bronze knob to replace one of a handful of brass knobs that's still left, so I am ready to go. As I figured once Mason saw that light fixture she would want one too...I guess I will be selling two vanity light fixtures then.
 Here is a little visit down memory lane to my girls old shared bathroom where I painted the vanity white, built a mirror frame inset a cubby in a void of the wall and tiled some walls with my favorite subway tile and blue glass. I loved the wood toilet seats we had in this house I really need to spring for some of those for this house.
 Here is my old master bath with all the pretty bead board I installed. I loved the window casings I built and the antique legs on the vanity area, not to mention the bead board apron front for the tub...
One more little bathroom with the board and batten and all the crisp trim around the mirror I added...a little bit of trim and white paint go a long long way...the sink and faucet were also newly added during the update.

That's it for my little's not a big change but it is a step in the right direction.

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