Tuesday, March 31, 2015

watch out...I found my staple gun...tales of a frustrated DIYer

 I was so very tired of looking at this chevron covered cushion...this chair was actually from my daughters bedroom in our old house and the chevron worked well for that room...but I am so over the chevron...its nice but I just needed a change...
 I thought it was time to remove all the previous covers......this chair was actually yellow when I bought it and it had some palm themed fabric cover...I painted it and covered it very shortly after buying it.

 I have this pretty linen fabric that I just love but didn't have a plan for so on a whim I recovered this chair in it...I think it so pretty now.
 I am patiently waiting for spring here... I want to start on Sophie's bathroom and I have some tiling plans but I need it to be warm enough to deal with my wet saw that is messy and cold...so for now I plan.
 I plan to add a post trim detail by the shower as well as a nice cornice above the tub area, I will be installing a hook to the post for easy towel access, double white curtains for the shower, I will be re-building the vanity, well the face of it and I will be adding four drawers and new doors all custom, painted white I think.
The walls surrounding the sink and mirror area will get tiled in white subway tile with a mirroring accent tile features flanking the mirror. Walls will be a wash of pale greenish blue. The purple light was replaced with a simple chrome and glass fixture.
For the wall behind the toilet and the wall to the right of the vanity I plan to do 2 simple paneled walls.
The space above the mirror will be tiled and a frame will be built for the mirror.

 I love this tile arrangement but I don't have enough to do both wall features so I am going to go for the more decorative feature and I will use the marble I have to frame the accent...I am kind of excited to see it all come together....come on weather...Thursday is supposed to be nice so I hear.

 I think this will be lovely on either wall flanking the sink, I tiled walls in the girls last bathroom and I loved it..it adds decorative interest and it adds reflection.
Sophie asked me to make her a big memo board for her like the one her sister has, it's great for all those keepsakes and photos. I have been making memo boards for as long as I can remember...since the girls were babies and that's a long time ago because they are 16 and 13 now.

 I decided to make this board with a simple frame construction of 1x2" pine, this one is about 3'x4' and I use pocket hole construction, its light and sturdy.
I covered the frame with batting and then with a neutral fabric and stapled on ribbon.

The fabric is a table cloth I picked up on clearance and the adorable fringe ribbon is from Michael's craft store. I used 4 rolls of ribbon so all together this big memo board cost about $40... which is pretty great for such a big memo board.
I am getting the creative itch back and I can't wait for some warm weather to get outside and keep busy and get into my shop to start building things and re-building things...I am ready when you are spring.

Has spring arrived where you are? 

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