Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bathroom week 3.5 update

 I sold Sophie's cabinet doors then yesterday I sold her sink and was just the push I needed to get it removed and to install the pretty rectangular sink and the new faucet...
I knew the sink was pretty but wow what a huge difference the clean lines make....I am glad I decided to keep the counter because I don't think I would have it in me to make a counter right about now...this reno is kicking my butt a little bit...I typically work 6-7 hrs at a time on any given day in there...
 I had to grout just to be able to install the new strip Hollywood style looks so glamorous...if you had told me I would be putting in this kind of lighting I would have told you NO...never...but sometimes its just right and here it is makes for beautiful make-up lighting and it just sparkles, I used 25 watt clear bulbs. With the reflection of all the tile it just sparkles now.
 A little upgrade was over due with the toilet...I picked up a $15 chrome handle to replace the cheap plastic white handle...what a difference.
 This stage was admittedly a little scary, I haven't replaced many sinks...replacing faucets is really a simple job really anyone can do.

Next steps...I will build a chunky frame for around the mirror, then onto making a face frame for the cabinet with decorative feet..then doors and drawers, tiling down to the floor and crown moulding still needs to go up and the white drapes I have for the tub need to be hemmed...there's at least 2 more weeks of work to do.

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