Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bathroom update week 3

I finally decided to start the tiling portion of Sophie's bathroom...I was kind of dreading it...not that tiling is hard but that it is very fussy and messy. 
Let's just say it is SO WORTH IT!!!! I am in love with this, and one thing I over looked was that you get double the impact with the reflection in the mirror...what a pleasant surprise.
When Sophie saw this tile installed she said it was amazing....that was so nice to hear, I am so glad she likes it. 
I just need to take down the light and tile that wall above the mirror but I am thinking I need a break today...
I used two sheets on either side, plus the extras tiles I needed to cut in half, so maybe 5.5 sheets total.

 I thought I would need my wet saw but this very thin and fragile tile that I bought years ago on Overstock needed a light touch so the only way to slice them in half was to use this old basic tile cutter, just score and snap... if you use these tiles do yourself a favor and pre cut your tiles in half...its not hard I swear.

Nothing more helpful than a premixed batch of tile adhesive, this is great for wall tiles...I back buttered all the subway tile and the marble detail.

I didn't want to start the detail lower than the outlet which meant I needed to create a little frame for the outlet to sit on so that it would sit flush as my tiles are different thicknesses...I think it worked out to be a nice detail for a problem solution. These things come up, you just have to deal with them. 

There is no going back now...because I sold all these doors this morning...its time to re-face and build a beautiful vanity front, add drawers and build all new fronts and doors...The sink is being sold tomorrow....

Sometimes I think I am overly ambitious but its always worth it in the end.... do you ever bite off more than you can chew?...I know a lot of people will run out of steam and projects will remain at a stand still sometimes for years...I am not really that type....I NEED these things completed. I thought maybe I could tackle two projects at one time but I realized I need to keep my focus on one project at a time to get things accomplished.

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