Thursday, November 13, 2014

Plugging away at the dining room makeover...DIY DOORS

I thought I should probably do a little update on my dining room project as things really took a leap in the right direction yesterday...DOORS
 Slowly but surly I am still working away at the dining room, I am not letting it take over my life so it is going slowly but I am OK with that , there is no rush.
I had to dry fit the solid tops I made last week just to see how they would look in place, they look just as I had hoped, victory.
 So excited to see the wine cooler in place hopefully very soon...perhaps in a week or two if I'm honest, this family keeps me busy.
 Things were really looking up now that I was able to dry fit some of the doors. I had considered having custom doors made but I figured I would just go ahead and build my own like I did for the laundry room sink cabinet.... Just simple shaker doors, this was going to save me about $260 at least ...that's a lot of $$ to put towards oh the marble I want for the middle section. Shaker doors are kind of pricey to have made and mitered corners are even more expensive.
I made this door 2 years ago and it is holding up very well, so I figured it was worth trying again, this time I used pocket holes and that kept things simple and it worked well so I'm sticking with that, simple and cost effective.

I swear it looks as though my Ryobi tools are product placement but I swear they are just always are welcome Ryobi...feel free to send me any Ryobi products to repay me....wink wink.
What a difference a couple of weeks makes.
I decided to use this sureply which is a flooring underlayment if I am correct....the side rails of the door frame are actually pine flooring I ripped down to 2.5 " , the groove perfectly fit this material so it was fine by me...all of the built-in will be painted so it will be fine. So far I think these doors have cost me about $30...well that's not bad at all is it?
Of course I was 2 small doors short of flooring so I will be off to the lumber yard this morning to finish this door part of the project.
Next I have to do a lot of sanding then priming and I should decide on harware becasue my origional idea isn't going to work after all...I would love a contemporary brass knob but they seem hard to find around here.

I just have to show you this beautiful tree in my yard, it's one of the only trees around still with its leaves and this orange is so stunning in person it is spectacular.

I hope you are enjoying this fall...I think some snow is in the near future which makes me sad... oh well that's my issue...thanks for stopping by.

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