Thursday, November 6, 2014

Base cabinet tops, DIY wood counter tops

Its amazing that you can take boards of wood and create a pretty solid surface...I did it in the laundry room 2 years ago (you can see that here) and I always thought it would make a great surface for the guy at Home Depot said to me , "it's not the most affordable way to make a cabinet top but it will look good".
 I did't want to look back at my dining room built-in and feel like I cheaped out at all, I don't think the dining room is the place to cheap out. I am tackling this project a little at a time as funds allow. I plan to complete the lower cabinets and then take a break in between then I will complete the ceiling portion after that  I will move on the bookcase upper portion. I am not rushing this, there is no rush.

 I took the 2"x 3" knotty pine boards and glued them and screwed them together with pocket holes.

I let the boards and glue set for a few hours with pipe clamps.

 After sanding the ends flush with the belt sander I sanded the tops flush also , although the boards are the same dimension they need a good sanding to get the surface even, after that I used my orbital sander to get a nice smooth surface. Then I routered the edges. I have only routered once before...its not as perfect as I would like it to be but it's pretty good and I am a novice at this for sure but I'm confident it will look great when it is all completed.
 I am ready to prime and paint these bases and get onto making the doors...I should order my hardware now...
 Using the router is a little messy...
I applied one coat of Kona colored Varathane oil stain, I will give it a light sand and wax the tops tomorrow.

So there is a little update for today, I will be taking a couple of days off , feel free to follow along on Instagram for more frequent updates and photos... link on the left margin up near the top of the page.

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