Friday, May 9, 2014

Project fence ...part two

 The post digging and setting was slightly delayed from last Friday , which would have been perfect for us to work the weekend on it, to this past Tuesday... It went smoothly and with in two hours all our post were set.
As you can see I have started the process of wrapping the two gate posts. Today I will tackle finishing touches and hopefully is all goes smoothly they both will be done and ready to start installing the horizontal rails then we can start the boards, we are going to try our best to get as much done on Saturday as I lose my helper on Sunday...
 I almost forgot what a huge mess setting posts creates, it took us three days just to clear away all the dirt/gravel mess, that is back breaking work.
 I can not wait to have an enclosed yard, it will be like gaining a new room.
 Here is a little reminder of what we are going for.Finding batons is hard!!!!

Because of the delay in the post I was able to really get started on my oldest daughters room.
I'm not sure if I have showed before but my daughter's room was basically wall papered with 1D posters, EVERY INCH....attached to the wall with TAPE!!!

So I waited patiently for her to be over the poster phase , I see it as a right of passage...
She was ready for change and I was happy to finally decorate her room, actually it started because of her love of clothing. Mason has a great sense of fashion and she has a huge wardrobe.She was requesting a huge walk in closet, which would have shrunk her room down to a small size and I wasn't keen on that. She has a good closet with about 10 ft of hanging already.
After thinking about how to add more clothing storage to her room which has two doors three windows and a closet I came up with the idea to re-locate her bed to in front of the windows. This left me with a long blank wall.
So after 2 days with a hair dryer oh so carefully I peeled off hundreds of pieces of tape....she used at least 6 pcs per poster.I then did all the repairs and primed and painted the walls the perfect soft peachy pink Peach Cloud by behr.

 We kept the huge nail polish display.
 Every teenager needs a big mirror, I found this one at JYSK its very large and was only $39 but because of all the windows and door and furniture where do you put a big mirror? I considered getting a standing mirror but I left the choices up to Mason after all it's her room and she wasn't keen on the standing mirror. I came up with suspending the mirror from the ceiling, it works it's unique but it works for this room and it a teenagers room so why not...
 I had made a very basic book case for our old house so I just added some trim and crown moulding and a fresh coat of paint to update it a little. It is the center of what I am calling a "closet wall".
 She picked bedding and pillow covers from Ikea.
 I hung some thick dowels from chains to create lots of additional hanging, one of my jobs today is to add another second row of hanging.
Mason loved this print of the NYC, I love it too , it almost feels like a window it's so huge from Ikea.
I hung Ikea Lenda drapes over the roman blinds we had.
I still have to frame out her closet with lovely trim, hang blue drapes over the closet, find new lamp shades..maybe making over the little chair too but we'll see what Mason wants for that and ... lots of cleaning etc.

This is not quite the reveal as there is still a bunch of stuff to do before I can call it complete.

Off to balance the bedroom makeover and the fence project, all our gardening and grass repair will have to wait, I can't do it all!

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