Sunday, May 11, 2014

what a difference a few days make....are you here to see my fence?

 I'm thrilled to show you how the fence is coming along. I have been working non stop on the fence and the disastrous condition of my house will prove that!
They are calling for rain tomorrow and I hope for the sake of my family and the house that it does, I need to spend a day putting everything back in order.(don't leave your doors and windows open when you are cutting wood right outside them, big mistake)
I am so happy we went ahead with beefing up the gate posts ,they are gorgeous if I do say so myself. I re-did the tops three times until they were just right.
My husband and I worked all Saturday getting all the beams and rails in place, we worked really well together...its not always gone so smoothly the two of us working together.
My Ryobi cordless impact driver was my other best friend and nearly lasted the whole day on one charge boy I love that tool, I just need another battery, we also had some plug in drills that were too heavy and made the work harder, I'm not a fan.
 I was on my own Sunday to tackle the boards. I thought I would get a bunch done but to my surprise I got the entire front installed, I just need to rip down the odd sized boards on another day.
I found pretty fence toppers that compliment the two gate posts.
 Remember my plans?

 My grass is in a very sad state, I know!It will get some attention soon.
It's so nice to block out all the cars and driveways, I am enjoying the feeling of privacy the fence is providing already....soon I will work on the gates, that scares me a little.
The fence has to dry out for some time so the painting will wait until fall or even next spring as will the battens.

 It will take some getting used to seeing the house with a fence, but I like it very much, it feels more toward finished.
Another bonus is that we can now use more of the yard than we did before, it seems more appropriate to take advantage of this new sunny corner.
I think its time to get some more decor out and pick up a big fire pit....bring on summer.
I should really go caulk those post tops and trim work before tomorrow....someone help me.....

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