Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creating privacy with a fence.

After waiting for grass for our first summer here, then considering our options last year and seriously considering a pool etc we left the fence for this year.
We did get several quotes to have a fence built by local company's but $3000-6000 was way over the budget for a run of fencing like ours. So we will tackle it ourselves as a DIY project. I will admit I am a tad scared to take on such a big project. It is my main project for the summer and it is a doozy.
 It is a must and it can not wait another minute as far as I am concerned. Our dogs have been living on leash since we put our house up for sale 2 1/2 years ago. Our dogs need some proper freedom finally. I need some serious privacy so I can use my yard without being on display. I am really excited to have a fence.
Because our fence is a big part of our curb appeal it has been hard to decide on a style of fencing.
 Mostly everyone around here has the good neighbour fence, with the back and forth boards and the lattice panel on top....well we are NOT doing that. We don't share this fence with anyone so it is all up to us and I would prefer a simple full privacy pretty white face with some simple clean details like the fence above with the board and batten style.
We are going to put a double gate front and center facing the street. This will give us an ample opening for larger items and it will make for a nice welcome.
I will be cladding the two posts flanking the double gate with a panel detail like the picture above, I want a really beautiful entrance.There may even be a couple of candle lit lanterns flanking the gate.
We are installing pressure treated fencing and staining it white but we will have to leave the pressure treated to dry out so it is not going to look so pretty for a little while, growing pains.

 Here is a little reminder of our yard its a little unusual as far as how to fence it in isn't it. Once we get our yard closed in and private we can use it freely all summer and then start the planning for all the backyard designs, porch patios and soon to be fire pit. I am pretty excited.

Here is my attempt to show you where the fence will be and what we have planned. I would like to set back the fence 6 feet from the side walk and driveway to allow for beautiful lush plantings . 
Let's start with the enclose this spot at the back by the existing fence, we want to enclose it of course but since the trees and plantings are so nice and lush we are going to build a shorter open fence most likely a lattice fence.
Since we have a site triangle beside our driveway we can not fence within it (for the safety of pedestrians) , we had considered angling a fence but I just didn't like that idea after pondering it over the past year. So I pulled back the fence to square it off and we are leaving enough space beside the driveway just in case we want to widen the driveway down the line. 
The materials are coming tomorrow (which I got on sale last week,score) the fence hole digger man is coming Friday and my work will start Saturday so I am hoping for no rain...please no rain.
I'll check back in next week with hopefully lots and lots of progress...wish us luck.

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