Friday, April 18, 2014

Well I finally committed to some color

After more than 2 years of considering what to do with this living room I have finally committed to paint and just paint. I want all the halls as well as the kitchen and family room to stay light and neutral but I thought it would be fun to add a little more color to the living room and dining rooms. I was considering dark grey for a long time.I even thought maybe the same shade of the dining room would be the perfect choice for the living room that also sits at the front of the house but then I headed back to Home Depot for more paint chips...
I went with Gaberdine by Martha Stewart, it is one shade darker than my dining room a deep navy blue with a hint of peacock. I wanted a dark shade to make it more cozy as it  used mostly at night. 
I still need to add crown moulding and of course wood floors eventually. 

The dining room, as you can see it still needs some work. This color is school house slate by Martha Stewart.

 These photos were all taken at the same time but this photo shows and much different shade. This room gets a lot of light so it doesn't feel dark if it didn't get so much light I might have gone with a lighter shade. The other photos show more of the true color.
 I am just glad to have some color in another room. I think I am inspired to paint the bedroom next. I was hoping that the dark color would help the tv cabinet blend in better and in these pictures it nearly disappears.
                                               Its ready just in time for some company.

There you go so what do you think of my color choice? Give it to me...

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