Thursday, October 17, 2013

Carpentry projects, updates

 Hi again. I have been busy working on some built-ins, it's my thang...

 I get very excited by pretty trim details like this, it really is quite simple to take something from nice to special with the right trim.
 The window bench in will look great with a cushion , its a tricky spot , lots of windows and a bathroom entrance to the right.
 I installed the bookcase and built a desk to fit this space. I am currently working on painting the door for the base.
 Clean & simple custom storage and desk makes great use of this space.
The other built-ins are getting broken in as you can see. The doors were installed to hide away some of the items, I just need to install the knobs. Turning a blank wall into usable storage and display as well as adding a desk was a great idea.

Well there you have it....more built-ins, up next floating side tables.

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