Thursday, October 24, 2013

I have a dirty little secret

 This is a little corner of my basement and it has been nothing more than a dumping ground in my "workshop" area.
  Because I didn't really spend enough time creating proper storage it became a complete disaster zone. So yesterday i went on a search to start the process of cleaning and organizing this space so that I can work indoors a little over the very cold months ahead.
  My garage is where I prefer to work because all my big tools are out there and there is a good amount of room for me to work. The garage is not insulated or heated so I can't do work out there during the cold months. I added a little heater to the ceiling but it only helps if I stand directly under it, so that doesn't work so well.
  I found these shelves at Home Depot for $37, they are light but sturdy and very easy to put together, 5 min and no tools needed. I will be heading back to get more of these.They fit all of our things, having a spot for our stuff will help get things off the floor and keep things better organized. I really love having a rough basement space for all the storage, we need a lot of it. We also Have a little workout space down there.
I have found I really need to donate a lot of items that have been collecting dust down there, like old brass hardware I removed and lots of cans of perfectly good paint that just didn't work out for me.
 When I was organizing my bits and pieces I realized my current storage solutions were pretty much useless, I needed a whole lot of little bins. I bit the bullet and bought this amazing bin solution. When I opened the box I heard heavenly music.....Ahhhhh!!!!! I get so excited by this , is this normal.
My next project I have for the basement is to build a rolling work bench with storage. I will show you all that project, coming soon.

I am also going to get it together and do a post on all my favorite tools and must have gadgets. Soon.

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