Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new bathroom indulgence

 Well I finally nearly a year after moving into our new house got a television for our master bathroom. Finally because I could not justify buying a TV for the bathroom. No one needs a TV at all especially not in the bathroom , but it is a nice thing to have and I know it's a luxury.
I just had a milestone birthday which I didn't really care to announce....but it happened I turned 40 last week , that means I guess I'm really a grown up after all, hahaha !!!

My husband decided to get me a 24" TV for the bathroom , I thought it was the perfect gift for me especially since I don't think I would have ever splurged on it myself...thank you thoughtful hubby...
We also had a lovely dinner out on the night of the worst winter storm in years and we are taking a big family trip in the upcoming months to Aruba , we are so excited....so hopefully my Mom will enjoy her stay at our Casa while she house /dog sits for us!
 I will  be able to watch GMA in the morning while getting ready and even indulge in some Housewives shows in the evenings...how sweet!!!!
 I loved the mirror but I have always thought it would be neat to have a TV for the bathroom....I know lots of people will think this is nuts but that's OK....it's my bathroom .

Thank you for stopping by my blog today ,

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