Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a closet reno out of the blue

I can not stop looking at my closet , today that is...
I am usually always closing the closet door , who wants to see that mess? 
But after 6 days of renovating my closet I am happy to keep the door open , now that it is a pretty little well organized room.

 Here is what I started with a basic closet , walk in but basic , three shelves around the perimeter and three rods. I added the dresser and some hanging organizers but they were just a bandaid solution to a lack of storage.
I had planned at some point to reno the closet , to create built in storage and to create double height hanging to maximize the closet, not any time soon though. Well not until I was browsing Home Depot.com when I saw some closet component towers with free drawers on special buy for $69 for the wide tower and $59 for the narrow tower. Well that was a huge savings and it would allow me to build off of. Since I bought them I needed to install them , no sense in them waiting and collecting dust I figured.
I picked up two of each , two narrow for my side one wide tower for hubby's side and one wide tower for Sophie's closet, her closet I will deal with later.
 I started by removing all the shelves , rods and supports and then repairing the damage that made , which were a few dozen holes .
 I then removed the carpet , since I did not want the towers sitting on carpet and eventually we will be adding wood throughout the master bedroom so the closet should be wood also. The floor took me 3 days worth of work, I am in slow mode for sure and dealing with a little bit of SAD , winter is very hard on me but that's another story.
 I added bead board to the angled wall , I thought I could cut up a dowel into three inch lengths and I could install them into the bead board with adhesive , it worked perfectly. I used a spade bit to bore out a hole the same size as the dowel and used no more nails adhesive and voila peg hooks for hats and purses.

 The towers are a great starter but they are only 72" tall , not really tall enough for double hanging and I like to utilize all the available space. This is my hubby's side.
And here is my side. As you can see I added basic three sided boxes to the top of the towers, I used no more nails again. I will at some point add crown moulding to those extensions.
I will stain the floors when we finish the floors in the master bedroom.
 I haven't had a chance to organize my clothes , please forgive me , I just needed the clothes that had taken over my bedroom out of there, I can't live in chaos for long.
I added a shelf for shoes above the highest hanging bar it was perfect for shoes. I even have room for more shoes and I still need to add one more shelf, yippy.
What an awful mess , it is amazing how much stuff fits into a closet, there was stuff every where...nightmares.
 I changed out the ball light to this lovely light from Lowe's, Allen and Roth, it casts such a nice pattern. I added the pretty mirror which I had but didn't know where to put until the closet reno was well under way , I think it was meant to be. I used a little bookcase that was from the old house , it was just what I needed for folded pants and on top more shoes. High heels are like beautiful accessories just sitting pretty in a closet.
Do you see the little handy garment rod?

Finally I finished the baseboard , added a rug and switched out the photos , love these photos of our girls when they were smaller.
I can't explain how happy it makes me to have a finished or nearly finished closet , it feels so much bigger, freshly painted crisp white and organized for the most part...now to keep it this cute that's the hard part.
 I made sure to keep space for a shelf in between my husbands hanging .
 That's a lot of ball caps , right!

Happy organizing , it's a great time of year for it .

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