Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adding drapes to warm up the space

 When most rooms have 3 or four windows it becomes quite a project adding drapes to a given room. Four curtain rods and four sets of drapes can really add up in no time.
Oh well what can I say my house has a lot of windows.
I picked up off white Ritva drapes from Ikea for $29 a pair , I know what a bargain right!
This is how I like drapes to be installed , no ties or hold backs, no strange location of the drapes , drapes should frame the window NOT BLOCK the window , you want the light to come in , shades or blinds can give you privacy and light control. Drapes just sit still and are pretty. They add softness and warmth to a room.
 I also found an equally good deal on drapery rods , $27 a rod set from Home depot , they are the Martha Stewart black beehive rods and finials.
 I install my rods at least 4" ( this works well with the Ritva drapes length) above the casing and each rod extends out 8". This isn't always possible depending on where your walls are located but it is a good rule of thumb that I find typically gives a great result which is adding height and framing the window.

Looky here! I went to see what a new thrift store had to offer , well turns out nothing much until I spied these two beautiful lamps for $10 each , no lamps shades but still a great deal. They are in perfect condition and have a crackle finish. I was so happy to find such nice lamps and the right scale for the dining room.

Have a happy weekend, it sure is cold outside , feels like a weekend to hunker down and laze around....

OH yeah I have some exciting news to share. Style at Home is coming soon to photograph my kitchen , this is a real thrill ! I have always dreamt of having my design in Style at Home....

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