Tuesday, July 24, 2012

living room lighting

 I have been searching for a few new pieces for our new built ins. They are a whole lot less empty now.
 Can't wait to get this carpet out and get the wood installed, but I'm waiting until we have grass to work on . Still no grass for us.

 I was shopping for shelf decor when I came across this lovely light fixture, I thought it might be just what we need for the living room. Simple and interesting, love. I found the light at Homesense , it was $99.00 and it also come in a lovely chrome, if the family room didn't need a fan I would have bought a chrome one also.
 There is still so much work to be done in this room , floors , drapes??maybe, wall treatment , I'm thinking horizontal planks behind the sofa. Those two chairs are going to have to go . But these things in time.
 I have definitely decided I am going to built bookcases here, the chair will go and that little wall will be beautiful bookcases.

This is the sofa I am considering for this living room. It is a new Ikea sofa called Harnosand , I think it is just great, I should probably go see it in person of course. I have lots of Ikea upholstered pieces and love them , but it is time for some new. The chaise would work better on the right and it is moveable so its perfect. Maybe Ikea would like to let me give them a go????? of course it is slipcovered, a must in our house,

Normally I wouldn't choose matching chairs but these just look so very comfy. 
Bookcases like this please. Slowly but surely things move forward. 

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