Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dealing with the deck

I know I'm a girl but I don't really like soaking in the tub , I find it too boring. So we made sure to add cable to the bathroom this time so I can chill out and watch something girly , but nothing about this tub is drawing me in just yet. The unfinished wall and the ugly floor tile that looks like it crawled up the side of the tub , I hate! So to me there was nothing pretty about this soaker tub in my master bathroom, well the fact that it is separate and large and has a nice window and most of all it isn't a corner tub and all that makes me very happy to have this tub. It was finally time to address this eye sore and to make it more functional.
 I started with framing the apron out with thin pieces of masonite I attached with no nails.
 The marble installer came by last Friday to install the deck pieces, two went in after a lot of fine tuning but the third and final front piece broke on a vein....dang it . After seeing the two side pieces in place I knew I wanted more marble , so I put together this pattern. The subway tile is from Home Depot and the little chicklet is from Lowe's.
 I first moved on to adding some bead board to the center panel and a little simple trim to cover the seam. Oh did I mention I installed and built in our jam cupboard into the wall in the bathroom to make it more seamless , it also tucked in about an inch closer to when it was free standing, then I trimmed it with the same baseboard.
 Bad blurry iphone pic but it shows what I accomplished today , backsplash...and oh my back . I just love it, that photo does not do it justice, it looks so gorgeous in real life.
So blurry , I will take better photos in the morning light. It is starting to look pretty , finally. I really enjoy installing wall tile , it's just the grouting I could skip.
I may become a bath girl after all , I'm still shopping for the right tv for the bathroom. We may have a tv problem...? nah we like our tv's , LED all the way.

Hopefully grass and grading tomorrow , they are toying with me.
Edit , here are some clear morning shots of the bathroom, not that you

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