Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Built ins complete

 After three whole days working on the built ins they are complete. I remember why these cost so much to do...there is a lot of work involved. But it is done and now I am happy . I can not wait to get this carpet out of here and continue the dark wood.
 I tried the mosaic tile for the surround and it fit into the existing space perfectly , only a small handful of cuts. I started by installing the corner tiles , its a herringbone pattern for the corners only , my favourite.
 I started off with these sheets of tiles and had to cut them up into strips and remove them from the backing mesh.

If its wrong to covet your own work I don't want to be right. Now I will rest and get ready for the next project I need to complete. I am going to concentrate on some partially finished projects before I start anything new.

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