Sunday, July 15, 2012

custom built ins, last bits of marble and a big old dump truck

 The plan was to build bookcases flanking the fireplace in the family room. I have built this type of storage for others but not really for myself. It was time. I tried to find examples of built ins , lower built ins beside windows , I really couldn't. So I just figured I was sick of seeing the cable box sitting on an old chippy storage box. I thought I would just go ahead and build them and see. Lucky for me it turned out. I started yesterday morning and now Sunday evening they are all primed, yeah me!
 It was so hard to decide on the size , but I am happy with the finished height. I'm not great at nick knacks so it will be minimal. Some tidy books or magazines will go on the bottom shelves. The electrical outlet for the components had a big impact on determining the shelf placement. So far so good. I'm going to go book shopping at thrift stores.
 Built in's are quite simple its just a box , with supports and braces all over , the edging adds lots of stability, its an easy enough project I will be sure to do over and over again.
 The final pieces of marble arrived late Saturday while I was priming the upstairs railing spindles. It is perfect. I even now have a beautiful hearth, I just need to cut down the mantel a sliver to slide the hearth in. I love that all our marble is from the same slab, its so very pretty . I am a bigger fan of marble now than I was before , it is just so authentic , which is what I love, can't beat the feeling.
Last week the grading process began. Lots of big red dump trucks came. It was all very exciting , but now its all just very messy . However we may not have grass but we do have a adequate patio to sit out on for now. Last night we even had a little fire and fun times out there. It has been very dry up until today so grass would be difficult to establish I suppose , so for now I will try to pick up great deals on things like patio chairs and trees. I got two trees for $20 each , a birch which is my favourite and a linden which I very much like. 

So that's what has been going on around here , a few steps forward most of the time.

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