Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking back and moving forward.

 I was planning on waiting until after Christmas to start the packing process , but I thought it was best to take advantage of my days off and get things started. I have been meaning to organize our family photos and I'm happy to say I have now made quite a dent , 600 photos have been located into albums , what a relief. It nearly kills me to see how much my children have grown , this photo was taken just days after we moved in to our home , these girls are all so grown up now , it breaks my heart really. Sophie is on the left ans Mason is on the top , and these are their beautiful cousins.
Notice the unfinished staircase , boy looking back at how this house began its amazing just how much work I have put into this humble home , I am so proud of the final result and I am glad I did all the projects that I had planned for this place.
 Can you believe these are my little girls , Mason was 4 years old here and Sophie 1 , if I could travel back in time I would live this part of my life over once again , happily. I miss those babies. Mason was such a wild child , so full of spunk , and Sophie was always a soft sweet cuddle baby .
 After: I got a little peek , things are looking beautiful , I can't get over the height of the main floor doors , beautiful.
 Here is the dining room , I don't know who's door that is cuz it's not mine ??? I can't wait to hang my wine barrel fixture in there.
I have been looking for a round table for our kitchen breakfast area , and I found the perfect table for $40. I am going to sand it all down and give it a new life. Its perfect 48"solid and simple. It may end up in the dining room to start with and we were told it can seat 8, which is perfect.

I am all ready for Christmas are you? , I love watching the kids open their presents , and this year I think we will all sleep in a little too , the joys of having older kids.

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