Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art as Pop traditional entry  I need some help deciding on the entry flooring material. what I am toying between is A. brick veneer or B. pewter travertine.

I know doing wood right up to the door is one way to go , but with our changing weather I worry how it will take a beating . Wood can become discolored from water and salt wear and tear , I don't like that. We have a walk in closet in the entry and my hope is to have everyone walk right into the closet to put away their coats and shoes with wood this will not happen , I don't want people walking in with dirty shoes that will just ruin my floors .
Stair traditional entry
I have really
wanted to incorporate brick flooring. Really the entry is the only place to add brick , as the rest of the main floor is going to be hardwood and the laundry is a stone look tile.
Practical Magic traditional home officethis is the pewter travertine , it has lots of grey tones and is quite beautiful, but we would certainly need it installed for us .
traditional home office design by minneapolis interior designer Martha O'Hara Interiors
this is Tommy Smythe's old kitchen I love this floor but I think its a bit dark , I believe it is slate , slate is a great entry material , wears beautifully in all seasons.

So what do you think we should do , do you have a better idea for me.

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