Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dusty progress

 I was able to get a quick peak last evening , but it was dark and very dusty as there was a nice man sweeping up. I asked very nicely is I could just take a peek at the progress and he allowed me a quick look. To everyone else this is just another house but to me this is my home , I am dying to see it all in reality after imagining how things will look piece by piece. So please forgive the terrible iPhone photos , it was dark and the air was full of dust. There is still no electricity to the house , that's soon to come I'm sure and hopefully I will be able to get permission to go in an snap a few progress shots.
This closet is the upstairs linen closet , holy cow right , I'm thinking its a little small.... ha, I am going to be so organized I tell you .
 And here is the main floor laundry , where we will have front loaders and lots of shelving and large counter space and a nice closet for brooms and vacuum and extra pantry goods and dog food. I am down right giddy to have a main floor laundry with pantry. The dogs will use this room for yard access and feeding which will be very nice to have that out of the kitchen.
 I went ahead and ordered two fabrics for the house , I ordered the white and grey zigzag which is Flatiron , in grey from Tonic living and Bethe in Robin's egg from Tonic as well , I need these for the new house. The paint chips are a selection of colors I am drawn too , of course robin's egg aqua tones and greys for sure. The lilac fabric is for Sophie bedroom.
 I recently did a little sketch to see how the house will look with a fence bridging the house and garag. I'm not great with perspective drawing I know , but this gives me a good idea of how it might look.
I really wanted to get a look at the master bath to see how the subway tile looked and the floor tile , which has a fine stripe in it . I wanted carara but it was way too much of an upgrade. I am planning on adding carara to the tub deck and maybe even the apron of the tub but I haven't decided , normally it has the floor tile wrapping up the apron which I nixed, I don't like that look at all . I don't know maybe trim , we will have to see , I still have loads of decisions to make.
I have decided that there will only be color on the walls of the bathrooms and bedrooms and the laundry room , ok maybe the dining room , but the halls and kitchen and living rooms will all be neutral warm white.

So there is a little look at how things are going with the new house , I think its looking really really  good.
I am trying to tackle a little organizing here and there and a tiny bit of packing , this seems like such a mammoth task . I'm trying not to get over whelmed .

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