Monday, December 12, 2011


Basement Light Installation Basics
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 We are really keeping control and holding off on purchasing items for the new house with the exception of light fixtures but only when I find a great deal.
So far I have gathered a powder room galvanized fixture , two star lights , one bathroom vanity light , and the breakfast area fixture , because from what I recall the builder light fixtures are just plain awful...and since we upgraded to boxes in all of the bathrooms we will get closet / basement bulb fixtures(see photo above) , they will get changed asap.
I have been searching for door knobs for the interior doors , the standard builder selection is brass ...I really think this could change, why in 2011 are we installing shiny brass in new builds??? Do not like shiny brass, the upgrade wasn't huge but we do have 14 doors in the house , so $40 a door for something I don't like which was the brushed silver ball knob and matching hinges( matching hinges is a move in the right direction, I will change those later as well) was not a good upgrade choice. Good news I found black levers for $12.00 each... that is a savings of $392.00 .
 You will rarely find me at Home Depot these days , no projects to do around here. Its so strange to feel like I have to be so careful , nothing can break or get damaged , this is someone else's house now right.
We did scoop up this beautiful huge mirror at Homesense , on Friday there were two and Saturday there was just this one left. Todd wanted to go back later to buy it for me for Christmas , but as we know you can't leave Homesense and even think what you want will still be there days later....its fine to get a Christmas present early and while your there , right? See how this mirror is bigger than that wall its leaning on its huge, we think it will look great in the new house with 9 foot ceilings and 8 foot door ways. I don't know where it will go , on the main floor for sure , maybe the front living room over the sofa that we have yet to choose.
I found this print on canvas for Mason's room , and a fluffy purple bath mat for Sophie bathroom, the girls rooms are pale blue , black and white for Mason and lilac for Sophie.

I am waiting until after New Years to get to the task of organizing and packing , not a task I am looking forward to. I know there is a lot of work to do , lots of things are hiding in the corners of this house that we do not need , is anyone is need of dozens and dozens of stuffed animals the kids are ready to part with .....????? is there a charity wanting stuffed animals , hopefully yes.

78 days 19 hours 36 minutes and 20 seconds till our big day.

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