Sunday, April 10, 2011

Storage happiness

I decided to tackle the built in storage I had planned for the nail room / mud room , especially since I picked up the bench piece a couple of days ago for $20.00 , it was a very rough and basic pine bookcase I found on Kijiji , it fit this wall perfectly.
I will be happy to have all of this chaos contained and hidden .
I will admit things looked a little sketchy this morning , I used our old kitchen cabinet which was over the fridge before we got the new fridge I used it to bridge the two towers of storage.
Some primer , and lots of paint makes it all looks so much better. I used MDF 12"x 8' ready cut shelves to create the two towers, I had them cut down to the length I needed and had the excess cut into 17" wide shelves , having a pinner and nail gun made this project so quick and easy , even the family said "wow that was fast". Next step is to trim it all out and to make some doors to close this all up , or maybe I will try making drawers ?

I will store my magazines, sewing machine , fabrics , linens, books and even tools and paper work the middle open area will be a little reading nook for the kids , I am so glad I finally did this project , it is a great solution , how are you supposed to keep a room tidy without a spot to store everything?

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