Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lipstick and rouge

I decided I would try to pretty up the nail room ,to make the most of its current state , I installed the floating shelf that used to be above our living room sofa , I added two beautiful brackets I removed from the dining room , voila a beautiful feature for the nail room . I added some forgotten art and some pretty candle holders my cousin Sheri gave me and I think it is so much nicer now . The chairs here are extra dining chairs , I recovered them to match by using some remnants of fabric I had stored away , quick and easy update and it cost me nothing . Now to get the paint brush out to do all the touch ups and to paint the nail shelf , I sure wish I had a sprayer because I don't look forward to painting that shelf at all .

You can see here what about an hour of attention can do , click on the photo to enlarge.

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