Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slowly very slowly

basement getaway
basement getaway by chriskauf on

HEMNES $935 -

BOTNE $199 -

EKTORP $199 -

Edgewood Coffee Table $699 -

Wall Art $224 -

Our attention has recently turned to our unfinished basement ...we have lots of big plans to finish the space , we plan to make a nice office space for my husband , who currently works down there often in a very cold and yucky space , we want to also create a large open room that will be open to the office but can also be closed off with a curtain 14'x29', we would be creating basically a second family room , which will be great for the kids to entertain in the basement , a space for video games and movie watching and for occasional over night guests. We will tackle it a little bit at a time. For now though I do have a plan for a build , on the wall with the red shelves this is what I will be building , to house all of the stuff you see and don't see there , I want it all clean out of sight and un-cluttered , this will have a nice bench seat that hopefully will serve as a little reading nook for the kids , since they use this room most often and daily as the nail room . Today I am picking up the lower bench part which is a pine shelf that I will build all of this off of...its going to be so cute.
I recently re-configured the storage area I created a couple of years back , it wasn't working so I rejigged it to have hanging storage , and now I finally have a spot to hide my vacuum.
This area needs a lot of help as well I think I will make a base for the table that will provide more closed storage as well it just needs some pretty too . I think I may need to part with some of the items I hang onto that are taking up space , obviously I need to paint the nail polish shelf white
Oh and we need walls , floors I think I am going to go ahead with the brick veneer floors in this room and the laundry area too , I think it will look great .

Sounds like a lot doesn't it is over whelming

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