Saturday, March 26, 2011

What an ordeal I tell ya

First off I will show you how lovely my new bridge faucet turned out , but it was quite and ordeal
to get to this state. I needed a new faucet and why not push that improvement ahead in time for filming at my house on Monday? It was ridiculous I tell you , I had such a hard time getting the water to stop flowing , the shut off was turned off but it went on and on ....and then I couldn't get the old faucet detached , we had to sever one connection , annoying ... of course that is when Sophie flushed the toilet which pushed a huge amount of water throught the open pipes leading me to totally freak out .... I had picked up a lovely brushed nickle faucet with lovely styling and with a sprayer , but when we positioned it it looked dinky and it wouldn't even reach into the sink , since I have a monster huge is a Kholer three bowl sink which you can now buy at Home Depot for $1500.00 , ours was second hand and $100.00 but I hope to get new counters soon as well as an apron front sink that I think the bridge faucet will be perfect for....but for now I live with what I've got , cause the washing machine is leaking even worse than our old faucet was and that will have to come first.
I spent the better part of Friday working on the computer desk and hutch , I have always meant to paint the inside which was plain MDF so why not now , I also have been meaning to go through all the junk bursting at the seams in the cabinet , I freed up so much space ...feels good to purge , don't worry the doors were put back on and it looks fabulous all fresh ready for the kids to re- blemish , after Monday ...
I have to show you why I needed a new faucet this is a very popular Price Pfister faucet , which I think no one should buy , because it fell apart nearly right away ...the sprayer broke within the first 6 months , the finish wore off, I mean come on I don't have hands made of steel wool now , how do they explain this , the worst part was the leaking , it literally poured water out and down the sides of the faucet stack

Evidence of awful I am steering clear of bronzed finishes in faucets for is a short term finish , I am glad to see it in the trash , good bye ugly .

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