Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wall paneling , check that off the list

Well happy Saturday morning all, I wanted to share with you my finished living room wall , I completed it last night after much painting , my wonderful cousin saved the day and cut me a 4" wide strips of MDF so I could complete the wall , I am so grateful to him , he even picked up and delivered , I have great family, thanks Scott.

This makes the room feel larger which is a little bonus , I decided to scrap the shelf above the sofa , its always nice to change things up ...I have been craving a simplified look lately as well.

Here you can see where I just extended the horizontal lines of the existing trim to create the proportions of the paneling , everything looks great on a clean white backdrop , the white as always is Popped Corn by Behr in satin.

I am happy with this new addition , there is one thing not lacking in my house and that's character and MDF ok that's two things.

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