Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I would like to say thanks for all of the support on the Woman's Day issue and online feature this has been a total thrill ,look for more photos from that shoot in the next issue of Easy Decorating on news stands in April , this has been a real dream come true for me . I have been needing new kitchen drapes for a while now but hadn't found anything that was worth choosing , that is until I ordered these samples from Tonic Living I immediately decided on the modern floral called Vintage Blossom in Dove I am going to use it as a band along the bottom of some simple white Ikea drapes , I love the geometric too which is Bella Porte in Charcoal , it would be perfect for pillows. You can find these at Tonic Living.
OK I dropped the girls off at school the other morning and came home to my dog standing on the chair like this , why!!!!! strange.

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