Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The tree

The two aqua blue ornaments were my Oma's , very vintage, glass , hand painted and glittered well the large one , the small ones look like mercury glass, they are beautiful. Sophie was a great help placing many of the unbreakable ornamets for me, her idea was to clump her things together , hmm that's different.

Here is my tree , it is as white as the snow, I have always wanted a white tree, last year I found this one for a song, much to my husbands dismay, a white tree?? He can not tell me its not beautiful nothing showcases special items like a background of white. For all of you purists I can not nor have we ever had a "real" tree it would surely kill my poor husband due to his allergies Christmas is busy enough don't you think?
I am simple when decorating the tree, no garlands , not too much fuss, lots and lots of ornaments that mean so much to me. This is a little dress I made it even has a hanger, that from my crafty days.
This is a gorgeous ornament that was actually my first grown up one, given to me by my Mother,notice the shells.
I love glass ornaments, there is a whole set of these candies in tins.
My little snowmen couple.

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