Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Arrive's

As you might tell we are not having a white Christmas after all, it is well above zero about 8c (46 f) which is just fine by me, I am not a fan of snow on any given day , I hate to be cold. Christmas is Christmas no matter the weather . There is snow on the ground but it is quickly melting I see green grass.
Not so traditional menu, goulash , mac and cheese,stuffing, rolls,chocolate pudding for the kiddies, key lime pie, always Krispy Kreme's (once a year) , and thanks to mom pomegranate martini's , and egg nog , oh yes egg nog of course. As well as a little play by Mason and Sophie,I hope stage fright doesn't set in.
I tend not to follow tradition when entertaining my family for Christmas, we all have Turkey dinner to enjoy over the holidays, I figure why do that twice.

Those candies are so shiny they are cherry creme.

I found this bowl at Winners a couple of days ago , it was $5.00 I later went home a realized it was the perfect vessel for my shell collection. Lucky me when I went back it was still there. Pleased!

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