Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm to my usual puttering

This is one of the lovely mirrors I had asked and hoped for that my kind husband purchased for me, I asked for one but got two , which was so nice, because the second went into Sophie's room over her dresser, they were a little worse for wear as in the store they had been bashed around with obviously some black frames and were very badly marked, but I fear not, a few q-tips and acetone free nail polish remover later and a gentle hand and all the marks were gone.
I love them so thick and bold with all the nail heads.
Were splurged on this big screen tv , not my first choice of size , but I gave in here, easily after all the price dropping going on, we removed one shelf and a doored cupboard from this hutch and the tele fit perfectly. I have some repair work to do , but this makes the best tv console .
Sophie's chandelier has been crying out for some love, o I found these cheap yet shapely shades and glues on some super soft chenille velvet Ric rack and ribbon as well as these three beaded flowers that I have had for years.
I love them , aren't they so sweet.

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