Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting prepared for winter

 Although I am not a fan of winter weather , the lack of sun the chilly temperatures and brutal winds and don't even get me started on the shovelling, but I still need to deal with it. One thing I know for sure is that an entry mat indoors and especially outside is key to weathering the upcoming storms.
I want to contain and minimize the mess of winter, the wet slushy boots and bits of salt always get tracked in no matter what you do. Having a good mat outside helps to catch some of the mess but then a second mat inside is definitely a must.
I loved how the hall looked this morning , with the rugs and the holiday decor especially the greens hanging down around the windows of the front door.
I recently added another rug to the entry to catch even more mess and to encourage boots to be put away.

Here are a few must haves I added to our closet , first of all an absorbent mat. You can find a great selection of doormats here at Rona. This mat is very much like the one I have outside my front door and this is what I have inside the closet.
A doormat is great for wet boots to dry off on out of sight. I hate walking in the door and tripping over shoes and boots all over, well I suppose no one likes that.
A long mirror attached to the door to make sure your looking presentable! I don't know why I didn't think of this before , it is very useful. Third would be hooks , I never lose my keys , why ? well because they have a spot a designated place to be...this is such an important thing , its a huge time and stress saver.
As you can see I also added shelves for shoes and boots, and of course baskets.
So do you have any great tips or tricks to keeping your entry way tidy and organized? I's love to hear them.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Your front hall is looking good - and all set for the heavy use front halls get. The only thing I have added to my front hall that I like is a basket hanging from one of the hooks that I keep a hair brush in and anything that needs to go out (like a letter to be mailed). Oh, and I also have a pocket organizer on the back of the door to put shoe polish/shiners, sunglasses, sunblock etc. Maybe you have places for all those things already though.

Cynthia said...

I like an umbrella holder! Your key hook is a great idea! I love the look of the greens cascading down from your front door!

I have to say, I like your mats, but I would go to hell and back before I bought anything from RONA!!!! Hate their store and lack of service! Yours maybe better, but ours actually closed here, and everyone said the same complaints. Just my opinion, but I can find mats anywhere!!!

Not looking forward to the snow shoveling and wet boots either!


Karen Albert said...

Very smart, great ideas for minimizing winter mush. Thank you for the links..


Jake said...

Love the foyer look, too. So cozy.

I have a couple waterhog rugs from LLBean. We rarely get snow and hubby is good about taking his wet shoes off in the garage during rainy/slossy weather. I use the rugs for the grand-dogs water bowls when they visit.

Has the weather there been as mild as here? This and last week we hit the 70's and that's even too warm for here. Here being N.GA.

Jake's a Girl

L. said...
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L. said...

Your entryway looks great. I agree, it helps a lot to have a place to hang the keys. I don't loose mine either. Can I ask where you got the mat that is inside the door. I'm looking for something similar.

Just Beachy said...

that rug I found at Canadian tire many years ago.

L. said...

Rats! That's one of the things that I miss now that I live in the US. We don't have a Canadian Tire here (or Canadian Tire money). :)

c'est moi said...

Where did you end up getting that grey moroccan tile style rug? Looks great with your floors!