Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lilac tween bedroom make over

When I asked Sophie a year ago what colour she would like for her room  she was very clear , light purple , or lilac. We ordered the fabric, the chain fabric and everything came from there. We definitely kept the choices simple lots of white and lilac. Satin sheets is the colour we chose by Para paints.
The headboard I made we kept white with chrome tacs. 
The duvet cover we found at Ikea for $14...what a deal and I loved it because it was so full of colour and most importantly purples and lilacs.
The lamp I got at Walmart a few years back and re-covered .

 Cute little convex mirror I found at Winners lately .
lamp shade , finished before the painting had begun

Simple laser cut art from Ikea , the ceiling light we found at Rona.
before the painting
What a difference a coat of paint makes, this room feels so pretty and much more complete, although it is not done. 
Still to be done in this room is to customize the closet which will allow us to get rid of the dresser where I will create custom built ins, benches and bookcases, but that can wait till spring.

I am so happy to say Sophie my daughter loves it , and that makes me so happy!

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